Are you familiar with our women's collection? We design distinctive women's clothing using colorful prints, a timeless design sensibility and sustainable materials. Most of our products are made from organic cotton, lyocell, merino wool, linen and recycled fibers. Find favourite designs from women's dresses, cardigans, leggings, pants, shirts and accessories today! Our women's clothes are always made from sustainable materials, never compromising on quality. 

All our collections are defined through a unique set of hand-drawn prints and wild, harmonious color palettes, and which are inspired by everything from a morning walk in a misty forest to a bicycle ride through an urban, concrete jungle. Regardless of the theme, however, one element remains the same: each piece tells a strong, vivid story, one that, above all, values an ethical treatment of and respect for all living things. This is the touchstone by which we measure all our work.

Designed with love in Finland, made with care in the EU.