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Before the first Papu collection was launched and the idea of the whole Papu lifestyle was founded, the mission was clear: we wanted to make the best choices possible. At that time in 2012, there weren’t that many children’s wear brands to follow sustainable philosophy. On that demand, Papu was born and took its first steps towards more sustainable clothing for children.

 Our aim is not only to create nature-inspired clothing – rather we find nature so dear to us that it is our passion to treat it well. We want to dive into clean woods, see the hale animals and to breathe fresh air whether walking in the woods or in the city. That’s one of the reasons we want to try our best to do things as sustainable as possible.

Papu has quickly grown from a little baby bean (Papu means a bean in Finnish) to an independent child that explores, enjoys and values the nature. From a sustainability point of view we have already faced many challenges when growing up to a bigger brand that is sold in bigger markets. 

We still are working as a part of clothing industry as a small actor. That means that our work to make more sustainable choices is something we depending on others. The more we grow the better chances we’ll have to choose the best options within this industry. To find the best solutions we will work on our goals to be a forerunner of a sustainable children’s wear brand. 

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Papu Crew


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We are involved in the Finnish Textile and Fashion Association’s Carbon Neutral Textile 2035 commitment. Common to all companies that are involved is the desire to actively work for a cleaner future. Read more about the the commitment.

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