We are constantly sourcing new, innovative and sustainable fabrics: 95% of our materials can be regarded as environmentally preferred raw materials. This percentage is calculated from the total sourcing purchase volume of the year 2018. Through the careful material selections and sourcing, we aim to achieve functional and quality products with a long lifespan – with as less environmental impacts as possible. 

Care instructions for each material can be found here!



Want to get your cotton pesticides-free? If so, choose organic cotton! The biggest part of our products is made out of organic cotton. In the growing of organic cotton, no chemicals are used. Growing does not damage the soil, has less impact on the air, and uses less water and energy compared to conventional cotton. The organic cotton yarn used in our products is GOTS certified and it is dyed due to the OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard requirements. We add 5% elastane with organic cotton to elongate the lifespan of our cotton products. Elastane also makes a soft feeling to the fabric and makes it more comfortable to wear.



In our SS20-knitwear we have a wonderful blend of 25% recycled cotton and 75% organic cotton. The recycled cotton is made out of pre-consumer organic cotton waste, which means the leftover yarns of the textile industry. By using recycled cotton, we aim to reduce our use of virgin cotton, in which way we lower the environmental impacts of farming virgin cotton. Recycled organic cotton is mixed with the virgin organic cotton to get a stronger fiber. The feel of this high-class cotton blend is soft in use – try, fell in love and take good care of the product!



Linen is a breathable and absorbent material that dries fast. It is a strong, antibacterial, antistatic and dirt repellent natural fiber. Linen is a perfect choice for year-round use: in hot weather linen keeps you cool and in a chilly weather it keeps you warm. Linen wrinkles quite easily because of its strong and inflexible fibers. You truly can’t avoid wrinkles while wearing linen, but why should you? We think that the wrinkles are part of everyday life and they make a linen product even more characteristic! Linen is at its best when it has softened a little in use. The surface of the linen is naturally slightly shiny and sleek – when this is the case, few wrinkles do not matter!



Lyocell is a cellulose-based fiber manufactured from wood pulp. As a material it is similar to viscose, but with more environmentally friendly manufacturing process requiring less energy and no such harmful chemicals. The manufacturing process happens in a closed loop system, meaning that all the chemicals used can be used over and over again. Lyocell is a strong and durable fiber. When dry, it is the strongest cellulosic fiber – even stronger than cotton or linen! In the use, lyocell feels soft on the skin, is absorbent and remains fresh much longer than cotton – several wears are possible. That means fewer washings and that way saving water and energy.



As a novelty material, we present the luxurious and sustainable EcoVero Viscose fabric. EcoVero is a soft and beautifully shimmering material, made from wood-based fibers. The cellulose fiber is produced in a new innovative environmental process that has significantly lower emissions and water impact compared to generic Viscose. Almost all chemicals used in the production of EcoVero are recovered and reused. In addition, Lenzing also offers complete transparency of the supply chain.