Papu's collaboration with Moomin Characters continues and alongside the spring collection, Papu introduces the unique PAPU X MOOMIN – Shine collection, featuring high-quality products for women. The collection showcases a pattern painted with watercolors, adapted from the illustrations of Tove Jansson's book "Comet in Moominland." The illustration of Moomintroll and the Comet raises very relevant and important themes: openness to strangers, facing climate change, and the significance of family and loved ones.

Tove Jansson's delicate brushstroke and nuanced use of color are beautifully emphasized in the pattern. Papu has always admired not only Tove Jansson's distinctive illustrations but also her stories, which carry a strong underlying value base. Courage, equality, and pioneering spirit are conveyed through Tove Jansson's works. Through the Moomins, Jansson highlights the importance of forging one's own path and tolerance, and it's easy to stand behind this message even today.

From the category, you'll also find the previously released stunning and unique PAPU X MOOMIN Autumn Garden print, the enchanting PAPU X MOOMIN Freedom print, and the lively PAPU X MOOMIN Juhlat print.

Made in Europe from sustainable materials.