Shares as a gift

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Yes, you can give shares as gifts!

Donating shares is not as difficult as it may seem. We have got some questions about whether Papu shares can be given as gifts and how does it happen. So, we put together an information package to help you with the share donation.

Who would I give shares as a gift?

Papu shares are a great gift idea for loved ones and for example for your kids. Ownership of shares does not require any investment experience, but Papu shares are also suitable for more experienced investors, especially those interested in investing in sustainability. Shares are a great gift for Papu fans who love our products, as shareholders are the first to hear if something interesting happens and also enjoy discounts and VIP benefits.

How, then, will the shares be donated?

When donating shares, the recipient of the gift must have a book-entry account. If the recipient does not yet have a book-entry account, it can be opened at your bank and you can read more about the book-entry account here.

You can purchase the shares in Papun's Invesdor profile via the "Invest Now" button. The first step is to select the number of shares and press the “Next” button. You will then be able to select the "Invest on someone´s behalf" tab at the top of the form to fill in the gift recipient information. The next step is to enter the recipient's book-entry account number followed by your personal information. After this you can make the payment and the investment is done!

The donation of the shares takes place after the share issue has been completed and the shares will be credited to the book-entry account of the recipient.

Does the gift recipient have to pay gift tax on the shares?

The recipient of the gift does not have to pay the gift tax on the donation unless he/she receives a donation of more than € 5,000 from the same person for three years. Share tax is calculated by the value of the shares at the date of donation. The tax-free gift does not need to be reported to the tax authorities. For more information on gift tax, visit the tax office's website at

What else should you consider when planning a donation of Papu shares?

When donating Papu shares, please note that the recipient must become a party to Papu's shareholder agreement, which defines the shareholder's rights and obligations. The shareholder agreement can be found on Papu's profile on the Invesdor website after you have registered for it. On behalf of a child, the shareholder agreement is signed by his or her guardian, usually the parents or one of the parents. The shareholder agreement will be sent to the recipient by e-mail for signature at the end of the offering.

It is good to remember that investing in a young, growing company always entails risks, but there are also high potential for returns. In addition to stock returns, stockholders can benefit from product discounts and other VIP benefits.

What do I do now that I have decided to donate the shares?

To purchase Papu shares as a gift, you can download a gift certificate, which you can print, and give to the lucky recipient of the gift as an indication of share ownership. We will also be happy to answer any questions by email at

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