Summary of the results of our campaign!

Jussi Kurkela


Our funding round is coming to an end and now we can wrap-up the results we have achieved. We had two main goals for the campaign, and we are happy to see that they will be achieved.

The main goal of the campaign was to raise capital to secure the company's growth and internationalization. The minimum target was to raise at least 150,000 €. We exceeded the minimum target when the campaign was public for 3 days and now we have over 460.000 € raised after the end of the campaign.

Another target was to gather a large number of shareholders. There are over 460 investors in this round, bringing the total number of shareholders to over 1000. We strongly believe that such a group will have an impact on raising our brand awareness and driving our story forward.

As in the latest round of funding, the majority of those who invested in Papu in this round are women; exactly 71%. This is consistent with the notion that women are more likely to invest in companies that are visible in their daily lives and based on this fact, we believe that Papu Design Oy has attracted an extraordinarily large number of female investors.

There is time until the end of the year 2019 to make an investment, even the first one in life, and join us on our journey. The campaign will end today, on Tuesday 31.12.2019.

Read more and invest NOW, before it is too late!

Our humble thanks to everyone who has already joined!

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