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Our customer service is always happy to help you with all kind of questions. <3 But first you may want to check if you find the answer to your question below! 

  • When will my order arrive? / What are your delivery times?
    • Our delivery times are:
Finland (business days) Other countries (business days) 4-5 10
Papu Outlet  10 14
Papu Weecos Store 7 10
    • Please check have you received the tracking code to your email. If you haven't received it, the order is not probably sent yet. If you believe there might have gone something while making the order (eg. you haven't received the order confirmation), please send us email (Papu Online store and Papu Weecos store) or (Papu Outlet).
  • I made two orders, is it possible to send them as one?
    • We pack the orders first come, first served so that everyone will get their orders on time. This is why we cannot combine the orders. 


  • I’ve chosen Klarna as my payment method (this option is available only in Finland) and I’d like to return products. How do I proceed with the bill? 
    • If you return the whole order you may pay the Klarna bill with the amount of return fee (4,90 €), but you may also wait for the updated bill. If you return only some of the products, you may pay the bill regarding the items you will keep and add the return fee 4,90 € to the amount. Please inform Klarna that you have returned products at and they will ceise the bill until the return is processed. You will find the updated bill also at and you can e.g. postpone the due date of your bill.
    • If you have already paid the whole bill, it doesn’t matter, Klarna will credit you the price of the returned products after we’ve processed your return. The return fee 4,90 € will be deducted from the amount of return.


  • Where can I buy Papu products?
    • You can purchase from our this website, from Papu's Weecos store or from Papu Outlet. We also have our own walk-in store in Helsinki (Pohjoisesplanadi 19). 
    • In addition, we have many retailers around the world. You'll find all our retailers from the "Where to buy" link in the footer 

  • I would like to be a Papu Retailer! 
    • Great! Please send us an email to
  • I would like to do a marketing collaboration with Papu
    • Lovely! <3 Send us an email to and tell us more about yourself and what kind of collaboration you would like to make!