Papu´s share issue is now open!

Jussi Kurkela joukkorahoitus julkinen osakeanti kasvu osakkeenomistajat papu design papustories vastuullinen sijoittaminen

We have just started our third public offering. We are now seeking investors to secure the financing of our company in a period of rapid growth. We want you to be part of our success story, so you are very welcome to join!


Our goal is to become one of Europe's leading sustainable design clothing brands. After five years, we are a well-known international, inspirational lifestyle brand with a strong multichannel online store, active brand ambassadors, hundreds of retailers and flagship stores in many countries.

To achieve our ambitious goals, it will also require investments. Growing international demand and strong growth in our own sales channels require hiring more people, upgrading systems and optimizing inventory to meet demand. With additional funding, we have the opportunity to develop new product lines and adopt new innovative business models and responsible materials.


Shareholders are important for our company, both as investors, as key clients and as brand ambassadors. As a form of financing, crowdfunding fits well into our communal values, and a broad ownership base will enable, for example, listing on the stock exchange. Already at this point, all the company's shares are recorded directly in the book-entry account. The book-entry system improves the legal security of the shareholder.


As a shareholder, you will be the first one to hear about the latest Papu news. Shareholders receive their own newsletter and special VIP benefits. As our business continues to thrive, you will enjoy increased stock appreciation and possibly also dividends. All shareholders will receive also a discount on orders when new collections are launched. With one share you are entitled to a 10 % discount and with more than 14 shares you are entitled to a 20 % discount.


Would you like to participate or know more?


You can contact and visit our Invesdor profile:

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