Papu to launch a new collaboration collection with Moomin Characters

Nita Junnila

Unique patterns and premium materials meet in the new collection by Papu, called the Party

Papu, the Finnish brand best known for its inspiring patterns, has started collaboration with Moomin Characters. The new, unique collaboration collection is based on Papu’s interpretation of Tove Jansson’s illustration entitled “Party”. The collection will be launched together with Papu’s autumn collection and consists of premium products for women and children.

Unique patterns and premium materials meet in the new collection by Papu, called the Party

Iconic illustrations meet premium materials

The key element of the new collection is Tove Jansson’s beautiful illustration The Party, the harmonious colour palette of which is reflected in the sophisticated, yet cheerful atmosphere of the collection. The diverse collection includes products for women and children made of various premium materials, such as responsibly-produced lyocell with a luxurious feel, firm Ponte Jersey and a jersey knit of organic cotton blend. Thanks to their timeless design, the pieces in this collection are easy to mix and match with favourites from Papu’s main collection, including the beautiful cashmere-merino knits of top quality.

Unique patterns and premium materials meet in the new collection by Papu, called the Party

Inspired by the cheerful Moomin attitude

For years, people have been fascinated with the bold and unique qualities of Tove Jansson’s illustrations and captivating stories, which were ahead of their time. The works emphasise themes like tolerance and uniqueness, and they touch people of all ages and genders. The carefree and positive attitude of the Moomins captures a strong and important message that has inspired Papu’s designers. The new Party collection pays homage to Moomins’ love of life, and the design seeks to remind us that there is always reasons for happiness, even during the most challenging times.

The Moomins love to celebrate and everyone is invited to their lavish parties. The new Party collection will be launched in Papu’s 10th anniversary year. Can you think of a better way to celebrate the 10-year-old brand than a lovely party, Moomin-style?

Discover the collection now here. 

For more information:

Papu Design Oy
Anu Vauhkonen
+358 40 765 2484

Moomin Characters
Roleff Kråkström
+358 40 054 9692

Press contact/Polhem
Noora Vappula
Country Manager
+358 44 719 8982

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