Papu gives up its kid’s clothing collection and focuses on the development of the women's clothing line

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Papu Design Ltd, known as the manufacturer of responsible and high-quality women's and kids clothes, has decided to focus on its women's clothing collection. The company will continue to design and produce kid’s clothing as unique collections directly to large retailers.

Papu gives up its kid’s clothing collection and focuses on the development of the women's clothing line

The decision to focus on the women's collection means that Papu abandons the development of his own kid's clothing collection, where the company's story originated roughly ten years ago. This decision has been influenced by a deterioration in the demand for kid's clothing and by the lower profitability than in women's products. Correspondingly, the turnover of Papu's women's products has grown strongly in the last few years and now account for about 85% of the company's turnover.

“The demand for women’s products has also increased during the difficult pandemic years. It is therefore quite natural that we should focus our expertise and resources on the development and internationalisation of our women's collection. At the same time, it is natural to give up the dwindling children's clothing business,” says Anu Vauhkonen, CEO of the company.

In the future, the company will continue to produce kid’s clothing in cooperation with strong distributors. The company has collaborated with, for example, big consumer chains. These private collections have been produced without compromising the quality or sustainability issues that are important to Papu. However, Papu will no longer maintain its own kid’s clothing collection and has, in fact, started a clearance sale of its kids items.

Papu gives up its kid’s clothing collection and focuses on the development of the women's clothing line

In addition to sustainability, the core of Papu Design’s products is in happiness and in distinctive, picturesque prints. The spring 2023 collection is interesting due to colorful painting like prints and new collaboration prints. Successful cooperation with Moomins started in the autumn 2022 and will continue during 2023. In addition, Réka Király, a well-known visual storyteller from children’s photobooks, is the first designer outside the company to produce a magnificent print for Papu’s clothing.

“The decision to give up our kid’s clothing line is sad, but at the same time it is the right decision in this situation. By investing and focusing on our women’s clothing line, we can ensure that the brand continues to be vibrant. Papu brand will develop and remain interesting, also internationally, for the years to come,” says Anna Kurkela, founder of the company.


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