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Papu's collaboration with Moomin Characters continues with a new wonderful and unique collection called Freedom. Previous collaboration collection was released spring 2022.

Moomin x Papu, Freedom

The collection, which features black and white Freedom pattern, is adapted from the illustrations in Tove Jansson's novel Comet in Moominland. In the picture Moomin dives freely in the underwater world to find seaweed and white pearls. Freedom pattern communicates people's need for adventure and freedom. 

“Tove Jansson’s delicate but determined line work and composition inspired us greatly!”, says Papu’s print designer Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä.

Moomin x Papu, Freedom

The scale of the pattern is large, so that Tove Jansson's vivid and graphic drawing lines can stand out in an attractive way. Papu has always admired not only Tove Jansson's distinctive illustrations, but also her stories, that have strong value base beneath the surface. Tove Jansson's work conveys courage, equality and pioneering spirit. 

Moomin x Papu, Freedom

The Freedom collection includes sustainable and high-quality items for women and children, all made in Europe. Luxurious lyocell wood pulp-based fabric as well as high-quality jersey knit made from organic cotton-elastane blend has been selected as materials. The collection's products can be easily combined with both Papu Essentials products and single-color products from the new 2023 spring collection.

The first items of the MoominXPapu Freedom collection are now available at Papu's online store. The whole collection will be available in spring 2023 at Papu's online store and physical stores as well as selected retailers. The Freedom collection's items are limited edition.


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