Papu SS22 Collection - New Chapter

Nita Junnila SS22

Papu's spring 2022 collection, New Chapter, has been inspired by the future and new beginnings. Its soft color scheme reflects a harmonious future, where different shades mix with each other, creating interesting new meanings and moods.

New Chapter

Papu’s spring collection features several new, bold and inspiring patterns. They are built around the basic body of the collection, which is made up of familiar and popular classic pieces that continue from season to season. The main pattern of the spring collection, New Chapter, is a delicate and pearly pattern painted in watercolor colors, in which bright colors are mixed into new, undefined shades. The second watercolor pattern in the collection is a monochromatic Illusion. Its curved shapes and hazy surface form a harmonious pattern. Spring and festive, combining golden green and pink with drawn markers, Crossroads depicts the crossroads of life. The Beside knitting pattern reflects the power of friendship and difference.

There is a new print in the children’s collection, Adventurer reminds us of how important it is to view the future as an adventure. The feathery Grain in the new, sweet black-pink shade is repeated in several different products.

Adventurer print

The new products in the collection are classic plait knitwear made of merino wool and cashmere blend in black and a soft natural white. Also new in the knitwear collection are the multi-purpose poncho and the spring fluffy knit products, which are made from a blend of wool, organic cotton and polyamide. The product range includes fluffy soft hats, scarves, cardigans, sweaters and a knitted version of the popular Giant Hoodie dress. The spring collection also includes golden green and black linen products. The new product in the series is a knee-length caftan, which is also great for parties.

Papu’s black pants have become very popular. The novelty of the spring in the collection are treggings with a trouser-shaped design. Thanks to the elastic material, they fit well and are as comfortable as leggings.

Papu’s clothes come from the happiest country in the world. So they are created by people who know something about happiness. We believe that the best happiness is one that lasts. That’s why we also make clothes that are durable: from sustainably produced materials, in a durable style. So that you too can dress happily and timelessly, whenever.

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PAPU – For lasting happiness

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