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Before the first Papu collection was launched in 2012 and the idea of the whole Papu lifestyle was founded, the mission was clear: we wanted to make the best choices possible! Since day one we have made long lasting clothing for kids and adults, always from the high-quality sustainable materials, with the best environmentally conscious partners. The production happening in Europe makes it easy for us to ensure the good working conditions in our factories. Designed with love in Finland – Made with care in the EU.

Papu Design team founder Anna Kurkela Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä Minni Vierola

We want to create a story as long as possible for each Papu item. That’s why we design items that last. Good quality, sustainable materials and timeless design are the core of our design philosophy.

We want to inspire our customers with our bold prints, color combinations and beautiful product designs. We hope they bring happiness and joy to everyday life!


Papu clothes come from the happiest country in the world. So, they are created by people who know something about happiness. We believe that the best kind of happiness is the kind that lasts. That is why you can trust us to make clothes to last. Always and only with sustainably produced materials and designs to keep you happy for a long time. Any time.

PAPU | For lasting happiness

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