New stunning jewellery collection from Papu! Papu presents the Sweet Blueberry jewellery collection, inspired by the Finnish nature. It combines a gorgeous dark blue with the familiar color combinations from Papu's previous collections - Warm Granite, First Snow, and Cherry Blossom. The new jewellery styles include playful Beans No.4 and Curves No.3 designs.

The unique Papu jewelry pieces are the first of their kind in the world, made from Sulapac's environmentally friendly biodegradable, wood-based material. Soil microbes can naturally decompose it, leaving no microplastics behind. The metal parts of the jewellery are mostly recycled silver from Europe. The jewellery is handcrafted in Finland, supporting the local economy, providing employment opportunities in Finland, reducing the need for transportation, and thus lowering emissions into the environment.