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Do you want to hear a secret?

Please be quiet and I'll whisper it to you. There is another world, the secret world. It is a beautiful and happy place, full of rainbow colors and interesting creatures. And best of all, there all your wishes will come true. How do I know all this? I have been there!

Maybe you’re wondering how to get there. You may find it on the other side of the mirror, by diving to the bottom of the sea or following a jumping bunny. Maybe you need to look for the head of a rainbow or fly into space to find an unprecedented planet. Or it may be that beneath the waterfall, in a secret cave, is a world that has been lost for a long time.

I can't say more about this. You have to find the answer yourself, because that is the secret. When you find this world, promise me not to tell anyone where it is? Because everyone must find their own secret world for themselves. That's the secret.


Our Spring/Summer 2021 collection welcomes you to secret worlds! The theme of the collection includes a touch of mysticism, enigma and surprises. How would your secret world be like? 

The collection is deliciously colorful and full of interesting patterns. It also includes monochrome products and beloved classics, which make it easier to combine products together and makes the collection more harmonious. The collection includes familiar organic cotton jersey products as well as popular knitwear and linen products. 

The Secret Worlds collection will be available online, at Papu Store and from Papu Retailers during spring 2021!


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