Papu's AW21 collection is all about praising the mystical autumn forest

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Papu's AW21 collection is all about praising the mystical autumn forest, it's silence and sensitivity. Inspiration for the collection was seeked from different elements of nature, like the sky, the surface of a birch tree and figures drawn on a muddy ground. The prints have been created using acrylic paints that give the products a lively and sensitive surface. The collection is feminine and the waist is highlighted more than before. With the autumn collection Papu brings new designs including women's skirts, blouses and trousers as well as new knits. 

Papu Design AW2021 women's collection sustainable fashion

The AW21 collection that combines prints and practical classics is made from sustainable materials such as: organic cotton, recycled polyester, lyocell and EcoVero-viscose which is made from wood-based fibers. The cellulose fiber is produced in a new innovative environmental process that has significantly lower emissions and water impact compared to generic Viscose. Almost all chemicals used in the production of EcoVero are recovered and reused. The key pieces of the collection are feminine women's dresses and blouses made from lyocell, comfortable college items made from organic cotton and knits made from recycled cotton & recycled polyester. Papu's mission is to develop the work in sustainability and make the recycling of clothes easy as possible. In May Papu started collaboration with Ninyes, which is a platform from recycling clothing. Papu also collaborates with second hand online store Emmy.

Prints of the collection

The main print of the collection is called ‘Silence’ and it tells a story about a forest where trees grow so closely you can barely separate them from each other and where shades of green and pink light play together. The print is painted with acrylic paints, using a rough and dry brush to create a lively surface.

The graphic print ’Woods’ is also painted with a brush. The logs are repeated loosely on the fabric to communicate and emphasize the calm and quiet vibes of a forest. The base color has a hint of dim rose, just like the dim sky peeking behind the trees just before sunset. At first sight the trees may appear the same but when you stop and listen closely you notice that each tree has its own voice and appearance.

The logs of the ’Woods’ print are repeated densely in a smaller scale in the monochrome print called ‘Misty’. The black beams and off-white base color may remind you of the surface of a birch tree or a dense brushwood. On a bigger surface it can also be seen as an animal-like print.

Find the sweet and playful little birds of the forest in the print called ‘Birds’. They are singing the last tunes of the season before heading south before the winter. The print is drawn with a pencil and the line is lively and fickle, like the path of tiny ants or a fragile little twig. 

The ’Grid’ print is familiar from our previous collections and this autumn is will be seen in a smaller scale and in three colorways. ‘Tiny Grid’ is easy to combine with other prints and colors.


Papu Design AW2021 women's collection sustainable fashion

Products of the collection

The core of the collection consists of our familiar and most popular designs for both women and kids. The Kanto dress, Giant Split dress, Boheme dress, Patch leggings and long cardigans are in the collection along with new designs that easy to combine with old favorites and Classics. 

The women’s collection is completed with new blouses made from Lyocell, a long skirt and a few new dress designs. The ‘Long Boheme dress’ is a longer, beautiful and boheme version of the familiar Boheme dress. The ‘Wrap Around dress’ is made from Ecovero, and it is a more feminine addition to the jersey designs. The ‘Midi dress’ is made from a strong Ponte jersey material and it is a perfect option for an office look or a go-to party dress.

After a trip in an autumn forest, it’s great to wrap yourself up in soft and warm materials that make you feel safe and cozy. The AW21 collection includes many cozy designs for women and kids, made from different materials like Teddy fleece. Teddy fleece is one of the new materials in our collection and it is made from organic cotton.

The knit collection becomes more diverse during the autumn season. The multicolor yarn made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester brings multidimensionality to the collection. The structure of the material may remind you of the beautiful surface of bark, and the different colors of the recycled fibres in the material are like light bouncing on logs in the forest. The popular Kanto dress will also be available as a knit version, in a luxurious merino wool-cashmere material!

The seasonal collection is completed with Essentials, the cornerstones of any wardrobe. The Essentials collection consists mainly of single colored black- and neutral-colored items, and items with the classic diagonal stripe print. A delicious and broken shade of pink is a seasonal color in the Essentials collection


Papu Design AW2021 kid's collection sustainable fashion

Papu clothes come from the happiest country in the world. So, they are created by people who know something about happiness. We believe that the best kind of happiness is the kind that lasts. That is why you can trust us to make clothes to last. Always and only with sustainably produced materials and designs to keep you happy for a long time. Any time.


For lasting happiness


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