Papu Design was ranked again in the A category in the Rank A Brand sustainability report

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The Finnish clothing company Papu Design Oy that designs, produces and sells kid’s and women’s clothing, was ranked well this year in the sustainability report completed by Eettisen kaupan puolesta Ry. Papu reclaimed its position in the best A category this year despite the tightened criteria.

Papu Design Oy is known for sustainable high-quality clothing. Sustainability has been an important value for the company since it was founded. This year Eetti Ry evaluated 34 Finnish clothing brands in their actions concerning climate, environment and human rights actions as well as transparency. According to points in different sections the brands were ranked into five categories (A-E). Papu, Frenn, Pure Waste, Alpa, PaaPii, Aarre and BYPIAS.

In 2019 Papu Design Oy had the best points and was the only company in the B category. Now several brands had improved their work in sustainability and communicated about it transparently. This year 11 brands were ranked in the B category.

” Being ranked in the A category is important for us because since the company was founded, we have wanted to design and produce clothes that are sustainable, high quality and long-lasting. At the moment we are working on diminishing our carbon footprint. Our carbon footprint did diminish by 50% last year compared to 2019. Our work on being more sustainable is not done yet”, says Anna Kurkela, the founder and shareholder of Papu Design Oy.

This years Rank A Brand study pinpointed especially the quality of the products and measures that prolong the lifespan of these products. This, if nothing else, is in the DNA of Papu products. The starting points for Papu’s R&D really are the high quality eco-certified materials produced in Europe and ethical production in low risk countries in Baltic region as well as in Portugal. It is important that Papu products last for a long time. That is why Papu’s kids were have a tag in the neck that has room for the names of three owners. The tag also conveys the message that the products are designed in Finland and produced with love within EU.

”We make sustainable choices in our everyday work and try our best to communicate these actions as accurately as possible to our customers who are conscious of sustainability issues. Consumers want precise information on products, not just pretty words. Sustainability means actions towards ethicalness”, states Anu Vauhkonen, the CEO of Papu Design Oy.

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Anna Kurkela, Osakas +358 50 534 1110
Anu Vauhkonen, CEO +358 40 765 2484

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