Papu Design starts collaboration with Tallink Silja

Nita Junnila

Papu Design has started collaborating with Tallink Silja, which is part of AS Tallink Grupp, the leading passenger shipping company on the Baltic Sea. During the autumn 2022 products of the design brand known for its unique print designs will be sold on the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and most sustainable vessel on the Baltic Sea.

Papu Design starts collaboration with Tallink Silja

Tallink Silja and Papu Design both invest in responsibility and environmental well-being. MyStar, Tallink's newest and most innovative and technologically advanced shuttle ferry takes its inspiration from the Baltic Sea. Optimized fuel consumption and the use of LNG ensure significantly lower environmental impact in comparison to other similar ferries. Sustainable materials and environmentally friendly solutions are implemented also in the ship's interior design. Responsibility has also been an important part of Papu's activities since the start of the company and the environmental consideration of the new vessel inspired companies to cooperate.

Cooperation with Tallink fits well with our internationalization strategy. We share the same values with Tallink Silja and with the new environmentally friendly ship, the start of cooperation was logical. With cooperation, Papu's products can be purchased not only from the land but also from the sea — perhaps in the future also from the air,” says Emilia Osmonsalo, Sales Manager of Papu Design.

The new ship will begin service in the fall of 2022. From the Papu there will be women's clothes and accessories on sale on the ship. In addition to the MyStar ship, products will also be available for sale in Tallink's own online store during autumn 2022. 

Papu Design, known for its responsibly manufactured clothing, accessories and jewellery, sells its products not only through its own online store and stores, but also through a number of retailers around the world. Responsibility is widely reflected in Papu's activities and, for example, Papu has been selected as the best domestic women's and children's clothing company for three years in a row in Eetti ry's sustainability communication survey. Development work continues all the time and sustainability is also an important criterion for selecting partners.

Papu currently has around 40 active retailers worldwide. We are seeking retailers both domestically and abroad. As a rule, lifestyle and clothing stores that share the same values with us,” explains Osmonsalo.

Are you interested in becoming as a Papu retailer? Please contact us at and we will be happy to discuss further.

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Read more about the most environmentally friendly Mystar vessel in the Baltic Sea at Tallink Silja’s website


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