Papu Design starts collaboration with international eCommerce platforms Zalando and Boozt

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Papu Design starts collaboration with international eCommerce platforms Zalando and Boozt


The Finnish clothing company Papu Design Oy that designs, produces and sells kid’s and women’s clothing is starting collaboration with the international fashion and lifestyle platforms Zalando and Boozt.

Papu Design Oy is known for sustainably produced high quality clothing and has from the very beginning had a strong focus on developing ecommerce. Over half of the company’s 3,5 million Euro turnover comes from ecommerce.

Now the company is continuing its digital expansion by starting sales in the leading European fashion and lifestyle platform Zalando and the Boozt, which is a Nordic fashion and beauty platform. These new sales channels are important steps of Papu’s internationalization strategy.

”Papu Design is a young Finnish brand that has a strong base for international growth. Zalando and Boozt are great new opportunities for growth in the international market. We have high hopes for the co-operation. We believe that through these channels we will be able to increase brand awareness and reach new customers outside of Finland”, states Anu Vauhkonen, the CEO of Papu.

Zalando has communicated that they will invest in sustainable fashion in the future. The company has over 29 million customers in 17 countries. From Papu’s collection both the women’s line and kid’s line will be available in Zalando already this fall.

Papu’s kid’s collection will be available in the Nordic ecommerce platform Boozt during the fall 2020 and the women’s collection will be available during spring 2021. Through Boozt Papu is able to reach new customers in specifically Sweden, Norway and Denmark”, states Vauhkonen.


For more information:

Anu Vauhkonen, CEO +358 40 765 2484

Sirkku Vuorinen-Simula, Sales Manager +358 40 033 2448

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