Papu Design launches sustainable jewellery collection

Nita Junnila

Jewellery lovers will be pampered this spring as two major Finnish sustainable players join forces to produce a pioneering jewelry collection. What makes these jewelries truly unique is that they are first in the world jewelries made from Sulapac's eco-friendly bio-base. Finished with sterling silver parts and with Papu Design’s unique style, these will turn heads wherever you go.

Papu Design launches sustainable jewellery colletion

New product line, familiar Papu-like design

Recent jewellery trends have been strongly inspired by the previous decades, especially the aesthetics of the millennium. Inspired by nostalgic styles, Papu Design’s jewellery collection strives to combine the charm of the past with a new. The jewellery in its design language is timeless and stylish, but the collection also serves spectacular eye-catchers for celebrations and everyday life.

Papu Design launches sustainable jewellery collection

The new jewellery collection is designed to follow Papu Design's iconic design language and the recognizable style of the clothing collections. The collection is inherent extension of Papu's existing range repeating the well-known semicircle in the jewellery that has been seen on the clothing collections previously.

The jewellery in the Papu Design spring / summer 2022 collection is beautifully harmonious in color palette and goes in line with the clothing collection of the season. Fresh pink is balanced by classic black and timeless natural white. Harmoniously stylish colors delight together and separately. The range of colors seen in the jewellery will be expanded seasonally.

When designing these pieces not only the visual look but also the comfort of use has been considered. These pleasantly light jewelries are comfortable to wear, even the bigger earrings. The jewellery collection is made of Sulapac’s bio-base - a material that biodegrades without leaving a permanent micro-plastic and is completely nickel-free. The jewellery pieces are finished with metal parts made of 925 silver and therefore also suitable for consumers who are sensitive to nickel.

Pioneering jewellery material

Sulapac® is a patented and award-winning material innovation based on bio-based ingredients and a circular economy. It is an ecological, practical and visually pleasing material that can replace traditional fossil plastics. Every step of the value chain is designed to support sustainable development. Sulapac is designed to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Made from a combination of wood chips from industrial by-products and a natural binder, Sulapac is biodegradable without leaving a permanent micro-plastic and is industrially compostable. Suvi Haimi, Laura Tikkonen-Rajasalo and Antti Pärssinen founded Sulapac in 2016. WIRED UK has listed the company among the 100 hottest European startups in 2018, 2019 and 2021. The versatile Sulapac material is used to make whistles, cutlery and premium packaging. It has not been used in jewellery design before.

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