Papu launches new XXS and XXL sizes

Nita Junnila

Having a size range that is suitable for many people is important to us. After launching womenswear items few years ago we have worked hard to make sure our sizing is up to date and that as many people as possible can enjoy our clothes. The work continues making adjustments to your feedback as we go.

Papu launches new XXS and XXL sizes
This spring time we have made an effort to bring new XXS and XXL sizes to our current size options. This means that you have more sizes to select from whatever size you might be.

How to select a correct size?

Always check the sizing guide of each product and measure yourself, with this you get the best estimation of the length of the dress, length of the sleeves or width of the chest for example.

You can find the measurements of each product of our women’s collection on the product pages. The measurements can easily be compared to an existing piece of clothing that fits well, preferably an item that is as similar as possible.

Material affects also how the item fits.

The material composition is also on the product page of each item.

  • The items with elastane are more elastic, so if you are trying to choose between two sizes we recommend the smaller one if you would like the product to have a tighter fit. When comparing to measurements of an item in your closet, choose a piece that is made from a similar material with elastane.
  • The items without elastane, made for example from 100% organic cotton, ecovero or lyocell are not elastic – this needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the size. Compare to an item in your closet that is made from a similar, non-elastic material.

Papu launches new XXS and XXL sizes

What is your favourite fit?

When choosing a size it good to think about your own preferences. Do you like for example more oversize clothing with dropped shoulders and loose fitted bodice or maybe you are more favor of a nice belt highlighting the curves of the waist? On our product descriptions we try to mention the overall fit of the product - oversized, fitted, loose fit and so on.

You can shop all of our new arrivals here.

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