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The Finnish clothing company Papu Design Oy that designs, produces and sells kid’s and women’s clothing has assigned two new members to the Board. The new members of the Board are Hannu Vaajoensuu, founder of Basware, and Sampo Hämäläinen who has founded Columbia Road, that specializes in digital commerce. He is also a shareholder of Futurice that provides digital services and has been awarded as the best workplace in Europe.


Papu Design Oy, known for designing sustainable high-quality clothing, has invested in ecommerce from when the company was founded. The company’s turnover is almost 3 million Euros and from that 2 million Euros come from own online stores and physical stores. 

” The company’s strategy to grow in the domestic market and internationally through digital channels has been the right choice. The successful companies of the future will be sustainable brand companies, that have an efficient distribution network. Papu’s goal is to be a forerunner of international ecommerce and that is why it is natural that we are strengthening our Board with experts in digital business and ecommerce. I warmly welcome the new members of the Board to develop the company further”, states Papu Design Oy’s Chairman of the Board, Marina Vahtola.


Sustainablity and a strong value base are the starting point of operations

Papu Design Oy has previously communicated about digital expansions and the wholesale collaboration with Europe’s leading fashion and lifestyle platform Zalando, as well as the Nordic fashion and beauty platform Boozt. These new distribution channels are important parts of Papu’s internationalization strategy. Zalando for example has communicated that in the future the want to invest in products that have been produced in a sustainable way.  

The sustainability point-of-view was also conclusive in choosing the new members of the Board.

Sampo Hämäläinen papu design oy board memberHannu Vaajoensuu Papu Design Oy board member

” I have been investing in sustainable companies for a long time already. I am also fascinated by the style and design of Papu. In addition to sustainability, I am driven by growth and internationalization. Papu Design is a warm-hearted consumer brand that brings great counterbalance to rotating bits”, says digital business expert Hannu Vaajoensuu. 

Also for Sampo Hämäläinen the culture of the brand and humanity in business are important. Sampo’s vision is to make Finnish companies the best in the world with the help of digitalization. The goal is in line with Papu’s vision.

” For fashion retail the year 2020 was difficult due to the Covid19 pandemic. Papu Design Oy is one of the winners in the industry during the Korona pandemic. The company was able to turn the result into a positive one despite the difficult market situation”, says the Chairman of the Board Marina Vahtola.


For more information: Chairman of the Board Marina Vahtola +358 40 019 6352

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