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Our AW20 collection tells a story of an artist who enjoys creating art, different materials and techniques: painting, sculpting, drawing, colours and composing. The joy of creating with hands leads to astonishment, new realizations and above all: a strong presence of art. Anyone can be an artist!

Kids have a special talent of being open to art and to let the materials guide creating without limits. Kids are masters of seeing new meanings and new worlds in art. How do we, adults, react to art? Are we critical towards techniques, content and forms of art, or do we leave room for astonishment, exploring and open questions? Our Artist collection encourages every one of us to be open towards art and its different forms. Find women's dresses, practical pieces for kids such as leggings and dresses, a variety of accessories and much more now in new designs. Designed with love in Finland and made with care in the EU using sustainable, high quality materials! 


In our AW20 collection you can find different materials and techniques used in the prints. The Expression print is created using acrylic paints and the brush strokes are left free, rough and full of life as the surface of the print. Find the colorful and artistic print in three different materials: jersey, lyocell and canvas bags! The collection includes long-time favourites made from an elastic jersey for both kids and women with the Expression print, and the lyocell items for women included familiar designs and a new Volume dress which has great volume in the sleeves, hem and in the print itself. This dress might be a hit even for the minimalist! 


Grain is a timeless, monochrome print used in selected college products. The ink-painted dots create a strong contrast to the sophisticated very light grey base. Selected college products are made with a streak effect that creates tiger-like stripes on the Earth Brown base. Find the PORTRAIT front print, portraying a tiger, on two shirts.


See all items of the Artist collection here.

We hope to inspire you with this collection and maybe you'll find some new Papu favorites – let's create more art together! 

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