5 reasons to invest in Papu

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You may already have looked through our Invesdor profile, but if you are still wondering should you invest in Papu, read this blog post. Here are five concrete reasons why it is a good idea!

1. By investing in a domestic company, you invest in domestic work

Although our production happens all over Europe, we still employ a growing amount of talents in our home country. Papu´s team consists of 18 professionals from different business fields (including part-time employees). Our business operations in Finland take place eg. product design and development, sales, marketing, warehousing, e-commerce functions, and customer service. In addition, we also employ our domestic partners.

2. By investing in Papu, you invest in sustainability

Papu is born of a strong value base and sustainability is written in our company DNA. All of our products are manufactured in Europe by carefully selected and trusted partners. Our products are mainly made from high quality certified organic cotton - elastane blend which is a comfortable and durable material. We follow the Oeko-tex 100 standard in our production and, thanks to European manufacturing, all our products also meet the REACH regulation. You can read more about our sustainability from our Sustainability Peak.

3. You can get a discount from the new collections and also other special VIP benefits

All of our shareholders are entitled to a discount that depends on the size of their shareholding. All shareholders get a 10% discount and shareholders with at least 15 shares get a 20% discount when ordering products at the collection launch. We also give other advance discounts and VIP benefits to our shareholders in our sales events.

4. By investing, you become a shareholder and you have a better chance to influence

Shareholders are invited to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to present the company's operations, annual financial statements and to make decisions on important matters. Even if the voting rights of a minority shareholder are not great, we will still be happy to hear the opinions of our shareholders. From time to time, we also receive development suggestions from our shareholders via email or in person and we are eager to listen to ideas for developing our operations and products. We are happy to introduce our company in person to more interested shareholders.

5. By investing, you can get a return on your shares in the form of a stock appreciation or dividend

Papu Design is one of the fastest growing design companies in Finland and we already have international visibility and potential to grow in the international market. With the growth, the value of the company has also increased. The value of the share has almost quadrupled in four years: in the 2015 share issue, the value of one share was 40 €, compared to 149 € value today. We continue to expect strong net sales growth and growing value appreciation for Papu shares. The aim is to make a profit in the next 2020 and the dividend will be paid in the next few years. The aim is also to be listed on the First North of the Helsinki Stock Exchange within five years. Welcome to be a shareholder in one of Finland's fastest growing design clothing companies!

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