Autumn / winter 2020


”An unpredictable world, like a new universe, is created on to an empty canvas.

The soft, tickling trace of a pen follows a strong stroke of a brush. Clay bursts uncontrollably between fingertips, the shape is guided by intuition. Found from a creaky wooden box, a spatula creates a roughly sculpted surface, perfect with all its faults, better than cloned with a mold. Nothing to add, nothing to remove.

Layered traces of paint on the floor, traces of many artists, like whispers from the past. As the hazy chalk dust settles, they wait for the next moment to embrace, the next world to be created.”

Our AW20 collection tells a story of an artist, who enjoys creating art, different materials and techniques: painting, sculpting, drawing, colours and composing. The joy of creating with hands leads to astonishment, new realizations and above all: a strong presence of art.

Anyone can be an artist! Kids have a special talent of being open to art and to let the materials guide creating without limits. Kids are masters of seeing new meanings and new worlds in art. How do we, adults, react to art? Are we critical towards techniques, content and forms of art, or do we leave room for astonishment, exploring and open questions?

Our Artist collection encourages every one of us to be open towards art and its different forms. Our AW20 collection includes three traditional forms of art: painting, sculpting and drawing.